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[synasia] china coat coating exhibition review!

update: 2020-12-11  


一年一度的中国国际涂料展于本周四正式落下帷幕,本次在广州举办的chinacoat 2020展会仍然吸引了不少观众。

the china international exhibition for coatings, printing inks and adhesives (chinacoat 2020) successfully concluded in guangzhou this thursday. as usual, it still attracted a lot of visitors. 


some sales elites of synasia are waiting for the arrival of new and old domestic customers at our booth number 4.1b41. 

在本次展会中,我们不仅见到了许多老朋友,畅谈行业动态,加深合作, 也有幸结识到行业内非常优秀的企业,找寻合作共赢的发展契机。 

in this exhibition, we not only met many old friends with whom we talked about industry trends and deepened our cooperation, but we also felt honored to get to know the very outstanding companies in the industry and seek opportunities for win-win cooperation.


as the first domestic manufacturer of cycloaliphatic epoxy resins, synasia always focuses on the field of epoxy resins. we provide customers with high-quality products and all-round services, with an aimbition to become a world-class chemical material manufacturer and service provider. 



nantong synasia new material co., ltd. is located in the rugao new material industrial park in jiangsu province. this national high-tech enterprise covers an area of 50 acres and its total investment reaches 120 million yuan.


synasia focuses on the development, production and sale of specialty epoxy resins. we provide one-stop service from market research, development and design to trial production of new products. our main products include cycloaliphatic epoxy resins, multifunctional epoxy resins and photoinitiators.


we insist on product optimization and innovation. we regard product quality as the life of our enterprise. we emphasize on environment protection and the occupational safety and health of our employees. at present, we have obtained iso9001, iso14001, ohsas18001 and other related certifications.

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