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syna epoxy s-21 (uvr6110, erl4221)

product description


syna-epoxy 21 is a kind of alicyclic epoxy resin, equivalent to erl4221 resin, giving outstanding performance in uv inks, uv coatings and other fields.

· uv curable

· thermal curable with anhydrides

· strong resistance to yellowing and uv light

· high tg


syna-epoxy 21


colorless to pale-yellowish liquid

viscosity @ 250c

300 - 450 cps

epoxy equivalent weight            

131.0 ~ 143.0 g/eq

color (pt-co)

100 max.

specific gravity @ 25oc

1.167 – 1.182 g/cm3


1、optical adhesives and photo curing products: such as potting of optoelectronic devices, cd manufacturing, low-viscosity uv-curing printing inks etc.

2、outdoor electrical and electronic products in electrical casting and electronic encapsulation; especially for insulation encapsulation and adhesive bonding and electronic products for those which request high resistance to cold & thermal shock.

3、outdoor coating and solvent-free coating with better weather resistant than acrylic - polyurethane coating.

4、active diluent: good dilution effect without bubbles and exudate, high surface finish, no effect on the basic performance of curing material of epoxy resin, such as curing shrinkage, heat distortion temperature, impact strength and tensile strength.

5、electrical and electronic products, civil construction, anti-corrosion coatings and other general application of bisphenol a epoxy resin. widely used in casting, winding, encapsulation, coatings, adhesives and other fields.

6、polyvinyl chloride polycarbonate stabilizer, oil (lubricating oil, cylinder oil, transformer oil) additives, etc.
7、3d priting

storage and handling
· store at room temperature
· keep sealed and avoid moisture
· avoid contamination with acidic or basic substances
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