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更新日期: 2020-4-21  

自新纳希公众号开通以来,我们收到了广大网友的好评,在此特别感谢大家的关注和喜爱,也十分渴望能和大家多多互动,回答各类问题。今天,我们收集了一些大家比较关注的话题,结合多方信息,汲取精华,以飨读者,欢迎各位亲人朋友评论 转发 点赞。

since our establishment of synasia subscription on wechat, we have received favorable comments from quite a few readers. hereby we are very grateful to you for all the attention and kindness you have given us. we are eager to interact with you frequently on different types of hot issues. today we have collected some topics that everyone may be more concerned about. hope you would be satisfied with these good answers as follows. welcome to engage with us through three of the fastest ways: like, comment and share.

what does synasia do?


synasia plant is located in rugao new material industrial park in jiangsu province. it covers an area of over thirty thousand square meters with a total investment of over seventeen million dollars. we are mainly engaged in the production of all kinds of chemicals, such as cycloaliphatic epoxy resins, multifunctional epoxy resins, photoinitiators and so on. 

is your production reliable?





absolutely reliable.

since its foundation in 2007, synasia was the first company who developed the cycloaliphatic epoxy resins successfully and independently in china. our plant was set up and put into production in suzhou industrial park during the first two years. in 2009, synasia moved into rugao new material industrial park in nantong city. so far we have accumulated more than ten years of rich production experience. 

moreover, we hold three certificates of iso9001, iso14001 and iso18001, which are quality management system certification, environmental management system certification and occupational health and safety management system certification. besides, we own a safety production license and a safety production standardized second-level certificate (for hazardous chemicals) to ensure the safety of all production equipment and processes as well as human health.

more importantly, our plant is fully equipped with a three-waste (waste solids, waste gas and waste liquid) treatment system to ensure that our emission levels after production can meet national standards, and also ensure the safety of our products and the safety of all employees. 

what is cycloaliphatic epoxy resin?

脂环族环氧树脂是环氧树脂的一个分支,是具有脂肪族化合物的一般性质和碳环的结构的化合物。在有机化学中,一般将有机物分为三类:1. 开链化合物,分子中的碳原子连接成链状,又称为“脂肪族化合物”;2. 碳环化合物,分子中的碳原子连接成环状,包括脂环族和芳香族化合物;3. 杂环化合物,即分子中含有其他原子(如o、n、s、p等)的环状化合物。所谓脂环族环氧树脂,工业上通常是由含有两个双键的脂环烯烃化合物经过过氧化物(如过氧化乙酸)的氧化作用形成环氧化脂环烯烃化合物。

the cycloaliphatic epoxy resin is a branch of epoxy resin. it is a compound having the general properties of an aliphatic compound and a carbocyclic structure. in organic chemistry, organic substances are generally divided into three categories: 1. open-chain compounds, where the carbon atoms in the molecule are connected in a chain, also known as"aliphatic compounds"; 2. carbocyclic compounds, where the carbon atoms in the molecule are connected in a cycle, e.g., alicyclic compounds and aromatic compounds; 3. heterocyclic compounds, that is, cyclic compounds containing other atoms in the molecule (such as o, n, s, p, etc.). the so-called cycloaliphatic epoxy resins are usually industrially formed from alicyclic olefin compounds containing two double bonds through the oxidation of peroxides (such as peracetic acid) to form epoxidized alicyclic olefin compounds.


let’s take one of our synasia products as an example. 


synasia grade s-06e is a kind of cycloaliphatic epoxy resin which is very popular both at home and abroad. its molecular structure is as follows. 


feature 1:  because the epoxy group of the cycloaliphatic epoxy resin is directly connected to the alicyclic ring, a tight rigid molecular structure can be formed. after curing, the cross-linking density is large, so that the heat deformation temperature is high. the heat resistance by martens of such a material is t ≥190℃. the thermal decomposition temperature is over 360℃. therefore, it has a small cure shrinkage rate, high tensile strength and good thermal stability.


feature 2:  due to the absence of chlorine and sodium ions in the synthesis process, cycloaliphatic epoxy resins have better dielectric properties, both from the resistivity and the dielectric loss tangent, they are much better than bisphenol a type epoxy resins. our s-06e can fully meet the requirements of the electronics industry, due to its total chlorine content of less than 50ppm, stable batch and excellent electrical insulation performance.


feature 3:  unlike ordinary bisphenol a type epoxy resins, the molecular structure of cycloaliphatic epoxy resins does not contain benzene rings, so it has good weather resistance and wonderful uv resistance. it is often used in combination with cationic photoinitiator uvi-6976 or uvi-6992, very suitable for use in uv curing systems.


feature 4:  cycloaliphatic epoxy resins are more reactive towards anhydrides than amines. they can be fully cured with anhydrides, which can not only avoid the use of highly toxic and volatile amine curing agents, but also ensure the safety of all operators.


in addition to this s-06e, we also produce other similar products, such as s-21, s-28, s-28e and so on. our complete range of cycloaliphatic epoxy resins are stable in quality, extremely competitive in price, and widely used in many industries including electronics, inks, composite materials, 3d printing and so on. with the advantage of 1,000mt reach registration certification, our products have become well-known and sold well in europe, america, japan and south korea. in the face of the temptation of new customers, we also warmly welcome all the big names to call us. 

how to contact us?



very simple.

our sales department has different businesses for different markets. you can contact us through the following three persons.




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