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cycloaliphatic epoxy resin from synasia

update: 2020-5-22  


let's review the previous article, in which we gave a simple overview of the cycloaliphatic epoxy resin, but we did not provide a comparative introduction to its different types and applications. as china's largest cycloaliphatic epoxy resin manufacturer, synasia will give you an introduction of different cycloaliphatic epoxy resins and their uv curing applications in this article. welcome all of you to brainstorm and give us more advice. 



let's start with a table list to show you some of our typical cycloaliphatic epoxy resins. 

对比分析 ‖ comparative analysis

01 s-06e

作为一款高纯度、低粘度、低卤素的脂环族环氧树脂,s-06e透明度高,总氯含量(voc) 可做到50ppm以内,具有出色的抗紫外线性能和抗辐射性能。它既可光固化,也可与酸酐 (甲基四氢苯酐,甲基六氢苯酐) 进行热固化,在催化剂作用下可与脂肪胺固化,常用于光固化涂料、电子胶、绝缘材料、led封装胶、3d打印等行业,尤其用于led封装等电子行业时,能发挥极好的电绝缘性能。

as a high-purity, low-viscosity, low-halogen cycloaliphatic epoxy resin, s-06e is highly transparent and its total chlorine content (voc) can be controlled within 50ppm. besides, it has excellent uv resistance and anti-radiation properties. this product is uv curable or thermal curable with anhydride (methyl tetrahydrobenzene, methyl hexahydrogenbenzene). it can be cured with aliphatic amine in the presence of a catalyst. s-06e is often used in uv coatings, electronic adhesives, insulation materials, led encapsulants, 3d printing and other industries. especially when used in electronic industries, e.g., led encapsulation, it plays an outstanding electrical insulation performance.

02 s-21


s-21 and s-06e share the same cas number, but s-21 is cheaper and its purity is slightly lower. this product is often used in industries like uv inks, uv coatings, uv adhesives, composites, etc., where the halogen content is not highly demanded.

03 s-28


s-28 is a highly flexible cycloaliphatic epoxy resin, which is suitable for many applications that require higher viscosity or more flexible films. it can be uv cured or thermally cured with anhydride. typical applications include metal decorative coatings, overprint varnish, flexible packaging and laminating adhesives.

04 s-28e


likewise, s-28e and s-28 share the same cas number. because we have strictly controlled the halogen content of s-28e, the total chlorine content can reach less than 50ppm. main applications include led encapsulant, uv curing ink/coating, high-voltage electrical component, capacitor oil, transformer oil and other fields.

02 uv阳离子固化原理 
cationic uv-curing principle

uv(紫外)光固化材料在紫外光的照射下,具有化学活性的液体配方在基体表面实现快速固化形成的固态涂膜。作为一种新型技术,uv固化技术具有“5e”的特点:efficiency (高效),uv固化设备紧凑,可连续生产,提高效率;economy (经济),uv固化工艺节省原料,能有效降低成本;energy (节能),固化时间短,无需加热,可节约能源;ecology (生态),体系voc含量低,生产中无过多有害气体;enabling (多能),可适用于木材、金属、塑料等多种基材的表面施工过程。

uv (ultraviolet) curing material is formed under ultraviolet light, where a chemically active liquid formulation can be rapidly changed into a solid coating film on substrate surface. this innovative uv-curing technology has the characteristics of "5e": efficiency, because uv curing equipment is compactly structured and it can realize continuous production for increased efficiency; economy, because uv curing process can save raw materials and it can effectively reduce costs; energy, because short curing time and no heating can save energy; ecology, due to low voc content and no excessive harmful gas in production; enabling, because it is suitable for processing on surface of many kinds of substrate such as wood, metal, plastic, etc.

uv coating / ink application


epoxy resins are most widely used in coatings of different characteristics and applications. their common features include:


excellent chemical resistance, especially for alkali and acid.  


strong adhesion to paint film, especially for metal. 


good heat resistance and electrical insulation. 


protect the color of paint film well. 


bisphenol a type epoxy resin coatings feature poor weatherability. their paint film is easily powdered and lack of fullness, which makes them not suitable for use in outdoor coatings or highly decorative coatings. thus ordinary epoxy resin coatings are mainly used for anti-corrosion paint, metal primer and insulating paint. however the coatings which are made of heterocyclic or cycloaliphatic epoxy resins can be used outdoors.  


ultraviolet (uv) curing coatings become increasingly emphasized due to their advantages of fast cure, good film gloss, no bubble, no need for high temperature, etc. the coating which uses cycloaliphatic epoxy resin as main ingredient provides strong weatherability, high hardness, good adhesion, as well as good resistance to abrasion, impact and chemical corrosion. it can be used for pcb inks, optical disc coatings, as well as metal or plastic cover protection, etc

光固化3d打印应用uv-curing 3d print application


due to its characteristics of low viscosity, low swelling ratio, low shrinkage rate, fast cure and high photosensitivity, cycloaliphatic epoxy resin has an extremely board application prospect in uv curing field. especially in 3d printing emerging market, where customers seek for high-performance formulation and the government has raised demand for environmental protection, it will undoubtedly drive a significant increase in demand for cycloaliphatic epoxy resins. 


cycloaliphatic epoxy resin is usually applied in sla (stereo lithography appearance) cationic photosensitive system. typical applications include:  


electronic product mold development


test model for engineering design


3d human body and organ replication for auxiliary diagnosis, assisted surgery, etc.


nantong synasia new material co., ltd. is mainly engaged in r&d and production of specialty epoxy resins for high-end markets. after several years of market investigation, we have developed two categories of more than 20 specialty epoxy resins. they are cycloaliphatic epoxy resins and multifunctional epoxy resins. scan the qr code to follow us on wechat. we have more to show you, awaiting for your coming!

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