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in the previous article, we mainly introduced the application of cycloaliphatic epoxy resins in uv curing inks and uv curing coatings. in this article, we will focus on the application of cycloaliphatic epoxy resins in sla 3d printing and uv curable adhesives. nantong synasia new material co., ltd. has more than ten years of experience in the production of cycloaliphatic epoxy resins. we can provide customers at home and abroad with high-quality products and services. we are committed to becoming a world-class manufacturer and service provider of advanced chemical materials.


the cycloaliphatic epoxy resin is a low molecular compound containing two cycloaliphatic epoxy groups. it is not a polymer itself, but when reacting with the curing agent it can generate a polymer with excellent-performance three-dimensional structure. advantages include low viscosity, good thermal stability, low halogen content, great electrical performance, excellent uv-resistant and non-yellowing performance, low migration and no oxygen inhibition after uv curing, etc.

uv cured cycloaliphatic epoxy resin applications

l  sla型3d打印 / sla type 3d printing

l  uv光固化胶黏剂 / uv curable adhesives

2.3  3d打印篇 / 3d printing

● 依照设备工艺不同,市场较成熟的uv光固化3d打印分为sla和dlp两种。

● according to different equipment processes, mature uv curing 3d printing in the market is divided into sla type and dlp type.

●  dlp-3d打印通常使用光固化常用的自由基丙烯酸酯作为主要原料,以实现快速光固化成型。而相比dlp-3d,sla-3d通常打印工件体积更大,打印时间更长,需克服纯自由基光固化固有的氧阻聚和高收缩率等缺点。

●  dlp-3d printing usually uses free radical acrylates as the main raw material to achieve rapid uv curing. compared with dlp-3d, sla-3d usually prints larger workpieces and spends longer printing time. it needs to overcome the inherent disadvantages of pure free radical uv curing such as oxygen inhibition and high shrinkage.

● sla-3d打印所采用的脂环族环氧树脂是由聚合物单体与预聚体组成,加有光引发剂 (光敏剂),一般为液态。脂环族环氧树脂经过一定波长的uv光照射后,引起聚合反应最终固化。

● the cycloaliphatic epoxy resin used in sla-3d printing is generally liquid, which is composed of polymer monomer and prepolymer, as well as photoinitiator (photosensitizer). after the cycloaliphatic epoxy resin is irradiated with a certain wavelength of uv light, it causes the polymerization reaction to finally cure.

● sla 3d打印用途 / sla-3d printing applications

l  航天航空领域 / aerospace

sla 模型可直接用于风洞试验,进行可制造性、可装配性检验

the sla model can be directly used in wind tunnel tests for manufacturability and assemblability inspection.

l  模具铸造领域 / mold casting


the emergence of rapid prototyping technologies such as sla technology and fdm technology provides the guarantee of faster speed, higher precision and more complex structure for the production of casting molds.

l  文化艺术领域 / culture and art


3d printing technology is mostly used for artistic creation, cultural relic reproduction, digital sculpture, etc., to produce various creative arts and crafts, cartoon villains, and model making of creative cultural products.

l  汽车领域 / automotive


uv curable molding technology is used to make prototypes of very complex shapes and structures to verify the designer’s design ideas, and use the prototypes for functional and assembly inspections. it can also be used for flow analysis in engine test research.

l  生物医学领域 / biomedical field


sla technology can produce biologically active artificial bone scaffolds, 3d printed liver models, 3d printed skulls, and 3d printed cochlea.

l  设计领域 / design field


sla uv-curing technology brings all the creative designs in the designer's brain to show reality immediately.


as cycloaliphatic epoxy resin has the characteristics of low viscosity, low swelling, fast curing, low shrinkage and high photosensitivity, it has extremely broad application prospects in the field of uv curing, especially in the emerging market like 3d printing.

基于脂环族环氧的阳离子固化体系,有收缩率低,机械强度高,不存在氧阻聚等优势,故广泛应用于 sla-3d打印配方。同时,脂环族环氧基团的引入,对提高机械性能和固化速度均有不同程度的帮助。

cycloaliphatic epoxy based cationic curing system has the advantages of low shrinkage, high mechanical strength and no oxygen inhibition, so it is widely used in sla-3d printing formulations. at the same time, the introduction of cycloaliphatic epoxy groups helps to improve mechanical properties and curing speed to varying degrees.

发展前景 / prospects

3d打印技术 / 3d printing technology


the integration of machinery, materials, computers, communications, control technology and biomedical technologies can shorten product development cycles, reduce r&d costs, form an integrated manufacturing of complex-shaped workpieces, change manufacturing and production modes, and affect human life style.

2.4  uv光固化胶黏剂 / uv curable adhesives

● 主要组分:预聚物、光引发剂、活性单体等组成,根据不同的需要还可加入增感剂、增塑剂、稳定剂、增粘剂、抗氧剂等各种助剂

● composition: prepolymer, photoinitiator, reactive monomer and various additives such as sensitizer, plasticizer, stabilizer, tackifier, antioxidant according to different needs

● 优点:固化速度快,生产线简化,生产过程环保,低voc,固化膜综合性能好

● advantages: fast curing, simplified production line, environmentally friendly production process, low voc, good overall performance of cured film

● uv光固化胶分类 / uv curable adhesive varieties:

l  uv压敏胶(psa) / uv pressure sensitive adhesive


decorative film, various protective films to structural tape, advertising boards, electronic products, high-end packaging boxes

l  uv复合胶 / uv composite adhesive


adhesives for composite film of packaging materials such as food and medicine

l  uv建筑胶 / uv construction adhesive


shop windows and decoration, stained glass

l  uv电子胶 / uv electronic adhesive


uv curable bonding is a necessary technical means in the manufacture of electronic products. with the thinning of electronic products and the emergence of organic optoelectronic devices and flexible bendable display devices, there is a huge demand for uv adhesives that adapt to the roll-to-roll process.

l  uv光学胶 / uv optical adhesive


touch screens are currently the largest application of uv optical adhesives. the uv optical adhesive in the touch screen has 3 functions: bonding, increasing light transmission and improving impact resistance.

l  uv医用胶 / uv medical adhesive


medical pressure-sensitive adhesive or tape is changed to uv curing preparation, which can form a series of products.

initial formulation of uv curing adhesives

发展前景 / prospects

● 自由基光固化优势 / free-radical uv curing advantages

l  固化速度快 fast curing

l  性能易于调节 east-to-adjust performance

● 阳离子光固化优势 / cationic uv curing advantages

l  硬度高 high hardness

l  收缩体积小 small volumetric shrinkage

l  粘结强度高 high bond strength

l  耐磨 abrasion resistant


cationic curing system has the disadvantages of slow curing speed, few types of oligomers and reactive diluents, high price of photoinitiators, and difficult adjustment of cured product performance. if the free radical and cationic hybrid uv curing system are properly combined, it is expected to learn from each other's strengths, and obtain a uv-curable adhesive with fast curing speed, small volume shrinkage, low internal stress of the adhesive layer and high bonding strength.

双重固化技术是将uv固化与其他固化方式结合起来的固化技术。由于uv光固化存在着自身的缺点: 只有uv光能照射到的地方才能固化,uv光照不到的地方很难固化完全。而双重固化方式结合了各种聚合反应的优点,表现出很好的协同效应。将双重固化技术应用于胶粘剂的研制,必将赋予uv固化胶粘剂更强大的竞争力。双重固化胶粘剂由于有暗反应的帮助,可以克服光固化胶粘剂的很多限制,可以扩展uv固化体系在不透明的材质之间、形状复杂的基材上、超厚涂层及有色涂层等中的应用。

dual curing technology combines uv curing with other curing methods. uv curing has its own shortcomings: it can be cured only where uv light can be irradiated, and it is difficult to cure completely where uv light is not irradiated. the dual curing method combines the advantages of various polymerization reactions and shows a good synergistic effect. the application of dual curing technology to the development of adhesives will definitely give uv curing adhesives more powerful competitiveness. with the help of dark reaction, dual-curing adhesives can overcome many limitations of uv-curing adhesives. they make the uv curing system applicable to opaque materials and complex-shaped substrates, as well as ultra-thick coatings and colored coatings. 

总结 summary


at present, global economy is accelerating towards low-carbon development. energy conservation, emission reduction, green energy and sustainable development have gradually become the focus of every country around the world. uv-curing materials can provide very fast, solvent-free curing speed, which greatly reduces environmental pollution. in recent years, as an environmentally friendly green material, it has developed vigorously and has a wider range of applications. with the increase in the varieties of high-performance resins and photoinitiators, as well as the continuous innovation of curing technology, more and more uv curing applications have brought more and more high-quality products to people.

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